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Track your inventory with myresale.web

1. Go to

2. Use the pull down menu to select state and store

     (SC and Next To New).

3. Enter your last name and consignor ID.

  • Your name and account will appear along with a ‘running balance.’

  • This reflects all sales since your last check was processed.

  • Once the month has been closed out (we close our books on the last day of each month), a zero balance will be shown for that month with only the current month’s sales reflected in the running balance.

  • Checks are cut on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales and available to pick up in the store.

  • You may view your inventory at ‘View Items.’
    This shows all active inventory, price, and status.

      Also noted are arrival and expiration dates.

  • 'Recent Activity’ to your inventory will show inventory that has been sold, returned, or expired.

       The sale price of each item is also shown.

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